Vehree is a goodhearted adverting agency in Nokia, Finland

Vehree advertising agency offers design services for print and web-media. Vehree – founded 2014 – is located in Nokia. Vehree is a one-man company ran by Sami Karjalainen.

Advertising agency services

Vehree offers versatile advertising agency services:

  • Graphic design: logo and corporate identity design
  • Print media: visit cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers, magazines, roll-ups, posters etc.
  • Web media: web-site design with WordPress, banners, search engine optimization and marketing, Facebook-marketing

In Addition, Vehree offers design packages that are designed especially for start-up companies. The contents of the packages vary from logo and visit design to the whole marketing planning–logo design–web design-package. For more information, please check Vehree TaimiVehree Kasvu and Vehree Sato (in Finnish only).

Vehree is a goodhearted company

Vehree prefers ecological values. For print products, Vehree recommends using environmental-friendly companies and for web-site hosting companies Vehree recommend companies that utilize wind power.